Puliima 2019 workshop wrap up

This Mapping Workshop held at the Puliima 2019 conference has concluded with a great response. As requested this website will remain as a reference for further information for those that attended and for those that didn't. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at www.miromaa.org.au/ or use our contact form www.miromaa.org.au/home/contact.html

There is interest from others to hold their own regional version of this workshop, everything to do that is here, including PowerPoint's, files and datasets. Ideally we would suggest holding the workshop over two days to get full benefit with practice and discussion.

What you will find here as resources and support would not be possible with out the Indigenous Mapping Workshops held in Australia in 2018 and 2019, and the people supporting them as well as Google Earth Outreach for supporting Indigenous people everywhere to be empowered with these tools.

About the workshop

This was a full day workshop where you will get an understanding and hands on practical experience in using freely available tools from Google to allow you to create maps based upon language and knowledge. It will also include discussions in a practical sense around the importance of language within documenting place name, flora and fauna knowledge, and the importance that our languages play in this to help us continue to care for country.

You will gain the skills needed which will allow you to also create language derived maps of not just our special places but spaces where our interaction and understanding on all manners of aspects of connection to country can be recreated and visualised using new technologies and freely available tools