BG3 Mapping Competition

Site is still under construction! More details will be added soon, including the evaluation procedure.

Current prize pool: €250

General information

The competition will end October 21st, 2019.

Contestants need to send in their final compiled map and the hammer source file (the .bsp and .vmf) and any custom assets.

The winners will be announced by October 31st, 2019.



The prize money (€250 at the current time of writing) comes in the form of a PayPal payment and will be divided among the top 3 contestants in the following fashion:

  • 1st place - 50% of prize money
  • 2nd place - 30% of prize money
  • 3rd place - 20% of prize money

Type of map

The aim of this competition is to provide a fresh set of maps to BG3 through community content.

These maps need to fit one of the 'official' game modes. Therefore only the following map types are accepted:

  • Skirmish (eg bg_townguard)
  • CTF
  • Siege / ticket map
  • Linebattle


The submitted map needs to be originally created by the contestant, for this competition only.

Do not simply port maps from other games or previous versions of The Battlegrounds.

Contestants are asked to take screenshots of their progress during development to prove this.

Intellectual property

By participating, the contestant agrees that his or her map may be modified and used as an official BG3 map by the dev team.

You may only use models, textures or other assets that are part of BG3 or that are created by yourself.