Parent Teacher Student Club

Join the new Parent Teacher Student Club at Maple Mountain High School and make a difference in a big way!

At the end of of the 2016-17 school year, the MMHS PTA membership voted to dissolve our PTA unit and instead become a high school club. The benefits of the club structure are several. First, registration in the club is an easier process and ALL funds received from dues and donations remain at our school. Second, we are able to tailor the activities to our student's needs without spending money on less popular programs. Third, the club structure makes serving on certain board positions less cumbersome. The new Parent Teacher Student Club will still be involved in the same activities as in previous years, with the exception of the PTA-sponsored Reflections and Battle of the Bands, which historically had very little participation.

We hope that more parents will become involved in our new Parent Teacher Student Club by actively volunteering and/or by contributing through dues. Membership in the club is only $5 and all money stays at MMHS for activities that enhance your student's school experience and life.

Who can join? Parents, guardians, students, grandparents, short, anyone who would like to support MMHS and its students. We hope you and your student will get involved in whatever way works best for your situation. Look for a sign-up sheet with the MMHS registration packet or fill out the bottom of this sheet and send it to the MMHS address below.

The following are PTSC-funded activities that club members participate in:

  • Parent Teacher Dinners
  • Student Service Club (monthly service projects completed during lunch periods)
  • Scholarships for qualifying MMHS Seniors who are student members of the PTSC
  • Funding for a school initiative (last year we helped fund the new gym flag)
  • Val-O-Grams
  • Sucker Sales at MMHS Events
  • Membership Contest & Party
  • Teacher Birthdays
  • Monthly Teacher Appreciation Luncheons
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Graduation All-night Senior Party
  • Awards for Art Festival and Film Festival Participants
  • MMHS Senior Recognition

Like us on Facebook (MMHS Parent Teacher Student Club@MMHSPTSC) and follow us once the school year begins to keep up-to-date on volunteer opportunities throughout the year. If you have any questions or suggestions, you may also email us at our NEW email address:

Parent Teacher Student Club Board & Committees: 2018-19

  • President: Jeanine Lewis
  • President-elect: Erin Gren
  • Secretary: Shawna Myers
  • Treasurer: Sheila Perez
  • Membership: Laurie Dallon
  • Parent-Teacher Conference Dinner Chair: Kari Hess
  • Student Service Club Chairs: Caroline Pratt & Bobbi Nelson
  • Teacher Appreciation Monthly Chair: Tami Boyd
  • Art Festival Chair: Julie Olson
  • Sucker Sales Chair: Teresa Bell
  • Val-O-Grams Fundraiser Chairs: Shauna Warnick & Nikki Peterson
  • Foreign Film Festival Chair: Julie Olson
  • Golden Eagle Humanitarian Scholarship Chair: Jeanne Wasden
  • Senior Graduation Party Chairs: Brandie Hawkes, Julie Olson, Melanie Newell
  • Teacher Appreciation Week Chairs: Erin Gren
  • Teacher Birthdays Chair: Tawni Porcaro