Renewing My Membership

All members need to renew their membership each year. Please fill in the electronic form below and then make your payment!

Payment via internet banking only please to account 03-1506-0015677-00 using your Name and "membership" as references.

Please email a copy of proof of payment to if you would like confirmation of your payment.

Class times

I want to enter a competition!

Great news! Entering competitions is opening up a whole new world for you and your dog!

Elementary Obedience competitions and some other non-championship trials can be entered without any special registration. Ask your instructor or another committee member if you are unsure.

If you want to enter a championship event, you and your dog will need to become registered members of DogsNZ, the governing body in New Zealand. This can take a few weeks, so plan ahead! Your dog is registered for life, but all people must renew their membership each year. Membership gives you a subscription to the NZ Dog World, a magazine full of interesting articles and information. Championship show schedules are advertised here. As a member you can now enter shows!

MDTC Committee 2024

President - Sue Howe

Secretary - Carol Moffitt

Treasurer - Sally Main

Vice President - Kate Oleksow

Deanna Baucutt

Lesley Brown