Nostalgia for Manchester......?

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Welcome to Manchester England. ManMates a social history for families and mates the world over to share their Memories and Photos of Manchester

Manmates is a social history of Manchester, mainly from the indigenous population, it is not meant to be a wholly accurate as it is recounted through peoples'memories using a montage of pictures and stories. However, I believe it is richer because of this. If it appears that there is more emphasise in the Abbey Hey, Gorton area, I make no apologies for this because I, as a Glaswegian now live in this area. It is therefore easier to collect information, stories and photos of the area. Through this site it is possible to bring this history in the homes of people all over the world. This has brought many lost friendships back together, as well as new friendships, (Mates) being formed through the Guestbooks and Forum message boards. I hope you get enjoyment from this site, and if you do, please spread the word, have a chat on the message board, sign the Guestbook but most importantly of , Enjoy Yourselves....!

ManMates, owner creater & webmaster Alan W. Sept 20