FOR ALL customers with a shipping address in the USA:

( including Alaska and Hawaii )


Volume One book is available now. The price is $40.00 for one book.

If you want 2 copies, that is $80.00 with $5.00 more for shipping.

Each book is $40.00 no matter how many you want up to 10 copies.

Ordering a larger amount can get you a discount and different shipping

prices would be quoted, still using Flat Rate Priority Mail always.

Shipping: To anywhere within the U.S.A., the price is $5.00, sent Flat rate

Priority Mail.  No Express Mail, UPS, DHL or similar overnight deliveries

are available. Do not request those.  You can fit two books in one

envelope for one shipping price.  Why not take advantage of that?

UPDATE: We ship to all of NY state, you don't pay any taxes. We will pay

the tax amount no matter what county you are in.

Taxes:  NO TAXES charged to any NY state location. We pay that for you.

For New York State customers only:

One book, send $45.00 TOTAL

For two books, send $85.00 TOTAL

For customers in the USA with a "Ship to" address not in

NY state:

Same prices for one and two books just add $5.00 shipping

There is NO sales tax being charged to your order. 

Forms of payment for United States customers:  

No cash please. We only accept: PAYPAL, personal check, and

money orders from the US Post Office.  Orders paid for with a

personal check will ship out when the check clears, however long

that takes. All checks must be drawn in US dollars, from a banking

institution in the United States. No exceptions.

You want your book fast?  Send Paypal.

Next best is a money order from the U.S. Post Office only.

The slowest way with the most waiting involved: a check

Payments made with Paypal or a money order should get

your book(s) in the mail within 7 days of such receipt.

Depending on inventory levels, all orders we can fulfill

will be sent out within that 7 day time frame.

Write your name and address neatly on any money order so we

know exactly where to mail it.  If your mailing address is different

than what is on your check, send us the info on where your order

should be sent.  If ordering more than one book, mention that with

payment so nothing gets mixed up.

Where to mail payment: To mail in your check or money order,

send to the location mentioned in the Book Feedback where the

reviews are from the magazines.

Return Policy:  If your book(s) arrived damaged and you are

unhappy with it, you pay to return it. Mail it to us any way you want

to the address listed on the mailing label.  We will send you

replacements for any books and we will pay the shipping.  If any

book has problems send us an e-mail and let us know.

We want to make sure each book is done properly where there

won't be any issues and whatever happens in the mail is another

story.  All claims for any such issues have to be brought to our

attention within 30 days of the day we shipped your order no matter

your mailing address. Any problems to resolve, send e-mail to:


There are no refunds. Only exchanges.

We reserve the right to limit purchases of books to any

location or for any reason.

We know you cannot find this book in most stores where you can go

through it and determine if you like it. The book descriptions are

there with sample pages. You should have a good idea of what is in

there.  It's not like we promise color photos and give you all black

and white. Everything to describe each book is accurate. You know

the trains and the years we cover. If you know what happened

those years, that's what you get inside and more. We give you a lot

of color photos to enjoy with accurate captions. What's better than

that?  Who else is even doing that anyway?  Not many I know of.

We want you to be our customers for the next books.  When you

know what we say here is true, you'll want our next books also. 

For all International customers outside of the United States:

Pricing and payments:

Volume One book is $45.00, $15.00 for shipping = $60.00 total.

For two copies, the price is $80.00, $15.00 for shipping = $95.00 total

Once you order two books or more, your price now is $40.00 per book.

Any orders for 10 or more books can get you a group order discount.

You would have to e-mail us for any such business transactions.

The only form of payment we are accepting is PAYPAL.   If you're not set up with

that, e-mail us to discuss other options.  We would have to get an e-mail from you first

so we can approve any different payment ideas. No foreign currency or personal

checks or Euros.  

Shipping: - $15.00 - for one order of either one book or two books. Only sent with

Global Flat Rate Priority mail from the US Post Office.  This price is the same only for

the purchase of one book or two books.  Two books can fit in each envelope for one

shipping price.  

Don't forget: Actual shipping of one envelope Priority Mail is $24.75

You still pay $15.00 for shipping on any order.  

Taxes:  No taxes on the book or shipping will be added.  No special considerations

for customs and that sort of thing.  If it will be a problem where you have to pay extra

to get the book in your country, send us an e-mail.

We're trying to keep it simple and hassle free for you.

We reserve the right to limit or not even mail books to any country where there may

be a problem with customs/mail for any various reasons.