Van Conversion Policy

Van Conversions are considered a separate class of event that members can book online through our website. Please note a daily booking fee applies to all van conversion work which occupies our loading bays. You must be a member to do a van conversion at MakerLabs.

  • Members must check-in and out with the front desk when they arrive/depart
  • Members must remain on site and be available to move your van if needed
  • Members can book a maximum of three weekdays (Monday - Friday) per week within our regular hours. Longer consecutive days are evaluated and approved on a case-by-case basis
  • Anything making excess Noise/Dust/Fumes must be done outside with the bay door closed
  • Bay door must remain closed in the colder months
  • It is still a shared space, other members may be working in the area
  • We do not guarantee indoor loading spaces will be clear of all items in order for the van to come into the flex space, but can help facilitate to make room for it
  • No Dumping - members are responsible for removing all garbage and items, MakerLabs charges penalty fees for leaving waste materials in our space
  • Bookings are valid from 12-9pm. You must be out of the space completely by 9pm. Vans that are left in our loading bay overnight must pay short term storage
  • You are allowed a maximum of one guest to be working with you in the loading bay. They must be with you at all times. They cannot use MakerLabs' tools and must register at the front desk when they come in to work with you.