Sambodh Dhyaan

What is Maitri Sambodh Dhyaan?

Conceived by Maitreya Dadashreeji, this guided meditation helps one in communicating and connecting to the Higher consciousness, while creating a bond with their Inner Divine. These are vital steps in beginning the inner journey of rediscovering our true nature and experiencing the immense Grace and Love from the Divine!

MaitriBodh Parivaar has introduced 21-day Maitri Sambodh Dhyaan batches which are open for all and free of cost.

Key Benefits of Practising Maitri Sambodh Dhyaan:

Why practise Maitri Sambodh Dhyaan for 21 days?

Maitri Sambodh Dhyaan is a meditation to connect and bond with your Divine. By practising Maitri Sambodh Dhyaan daily for 21 days (or more) seekers have experienced:

Their connection with their Inner Divine getting strengthened. 

Many have experienced a strong Divine presence in and around them. 

Starting the day with Maitri Sambodh Dhyaan has helped begin one's routine with positive energies which remain throughout the day

Guidance received from the Inner Divine has become more clear and strong

Individuals have experienced a feeling of Love and Peace awaken within.

Practising Maitri Sambodh Dhyaan has contributed tremendously to the overall growth of the seeker.

How to Participate?

If you have any queries, please WhatsApp us at +91 98772 58929.

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