Maitrey Mehta



I am a graduate student at University of Utah pursuing Masters in Computing (Data Management and Analysis). I work with Prof. Vivek Srikumar in the intersection of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. My research interests include -

  • Natural Language Generation
  • Natural Language Inference
  • Artifact Learning

I graduated with a Bachelor of Technology in Information and Communication Technology from School of Engineering and Applied Science, Ahmedabad University, Ahmedabad where I was advised by Prof. Ratnik Gandhi and Prof. Sanjay Chaudhary.

Soccer is my definition of relaxation. I have had my golden days with chess. I may be a great partner to go to a quiz with.


  • 08/12/19- "A Logic-Driven Framework for Consistency of Neural Models" accepted for EMNLP'19
  • 03/26/19 - 'Classifying Impaired Awareness of Hypoglycemia with Convolutional Neural Networks ' accepted for IEEE BHI'19
  • 02/13/19- I will be joining American Family Insurance Data Science and Analytics Lab as a Data Science Student Intern for the summer.
  • 01/07/19- 'A Service-Oriented Human Capital Management Recommendation Platform' accepted for presentation at IEEE Syson'19
  • 01/04/19- Joined Department of Biomedical Informatics, University of Utah as a Graduate Research Assistant