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We continue providing general repairs, light plumbing, light electrical, drywall (holes, moisture issues), painting (touch ups, interior, exterior, cabinets, doors), carpentry, tiling and re-grouting, landscaping, fix closets and racks, fix/change smoke detectors, clean/fix gutters, replace batteries, filters, bulbs (for move-ins), replace/fix toilets, replace toilet seats, replace blinds, replaced outlet covers, fix/replace light fixtures and ceiling fans.

We replace bathroom vanities and/or sink-tops, fix/replace lattice around decks, repair stair rails, fix/replace sink disposal, clean/fix/replace vents, repair/replace light switch, fix/replace screen/storm/pre-hung doors, fix leaking issues, fix/replace gates and fences,

We also repair mailboxes, do the caulking in wet areas, replace doorstops, adjust/replace doors and door knobs, replace/program garage remote controls, and do general upgrades, renovations or installations.

Maintenance Services in Charlotte NC: Electrical - Replacing Garbage Disposal

We recently we called to fix a garbage disposal that was humming but not working. As always, we turned off the electric breaker, turned off the switch and proceed to check inside the machine for objects. We found several quarters and reported to the property management. The garbage disposal had to be replaced.

New developments are not including garbage disposal as part of the property so owners need to pay for that is they are interested to have it. After seeing the way that many tenant treat the garbage disposal if feel that this is a solution that will eventually change the American culture.

As a matter of fact, countries around the globe don't use garbage disposals, they don't need them and they don't want them. It is kind of common sense that families shouldn't "feed" their garbage disposal with plastic, hair, coins, wood, broken glass or bones. Still we keep replacing them and thinking about the waste of money and energy it comes with it.

The Team of Maintenance Services in Charlotte NC

Maintenance Services in Charlotte NC: General Repairs - Leaking Under The Kitchen Sink

We received a call to check a leaking issue under the sink located in the kitchen. The first thought was there was a problem with the kitchen sink. After checking the faucet and under the sink, no signal of leaking was found.

Tenant assured that the problem occurred any time outside was raining.

This kind of situations requires an extensive trouble shooting to find the correct cause and proceed with the best option to solve the problem once and for all, after all nobody likes puddles in the middle of the kitchen floor.

The thing is that the leaking may come from several sources like the fridge, the dishwasher machine, the connections of hoses, the siding of the house, the gutters, lack of sealant around windows, cracks in exterior walls, etc.

Normally the board under the kitchen sink is the one that shows prove that a leaking issue is in need of attention.

Whatever the source remember that humidity can make things worse in the long run and can affect the health of the whole family, so address them as soon as possible.

The Team of Maintenance Services in Charlotte NC

Maintenance Services in Charlotte NC: Gutter Repair - Cleaning and Fixing Home Gutters and Gutter Downspout

Cleaning or repairing anything outside your home may present additional dangers you need to be aware of if planning to take care of it yourself, or have a member of your family to do it for you.

We receive a work order to clean the gutters in a home. Another work order came to fix a broken gutter. Yet another work order came to install a new gutter downspout. All these work order required work outside and using a ladder.

For some reason, all of these work orders have something in common: wasp colonies. Keep in mind that when you are repairing or cleaning a gutter you are in their territory hence it's very important to be respectful and do your best to stay away from their nest.

Wasps tender to be very curious so you can expect to have multiple visitors at the same time. Now wasp stings can be uncomfortable, but most people recover quickly and without complications. If you are allergic to wasp stings, play safe and call a professional to handle this for you.

The Team of Maintenance Services in Charlotte NC

Maintenance Services in Charlotte NC: Fence and Gate Repair

We received a work order from one of the property management companies we work with. The fence was damage during the last storm and the tenant was afraid that it will collapse in any minute.

Fences are depending on the solid grad where they are standing so before addressing any fence issues, please check the status of the ground. Some people believe that by purring concrete or the new material that is available, the problem will be solved.

The thing is that even concrete is exposed to the elements and the soil eventually will get compacted so poles and concrete will be loose again. It's just a matter of time.

There is no a long term solution so depending on what is your mid term plan with the property choose a solution that will last enough so it won't be an inconvenient every single winter. Living in North Carolina this represent a challenge, but maintenance in Charlotte is part of the culture.

The Team of Maintenance Services in Charlotte NC

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