Main Street Meats is a black comedy / old school slasher movie filmed entirely in The Great Dairy State of Wisconsin. The story unfolds as a family-run meat shop struggling to survive stumbles onto the secret of success… and is obliged to keep up with insatiable customer demand.

The film features a killer soundtrack, including “Cheerleader Grind” by The Blowtorches, "Up All Night" by the Gore Gore Girls and the "The Fever" by Devil to Drag as well as a vocal cameo from the legendary Herschell Gordon Lewis, the Godfather of Gore himself.

Winner - Best Feature, Chicago Horror Film Festival 2017

Winner – Best Film, 13HORROR.COM Film & Screenplay Contest 2017

Winner – Bronze Award, Spotlight Horror Film Awards 2017

Winner - Best Feature, Indie Horror Film Festival 2018

Winner - Goriest Film, FANtastic Horror Film Festival 2018

"What a film. I personally loved this film. It is a low budget gem."

"The cast was phenomenal; the story line was amazing."

-- Gruesome Hertzogg Podcast

"I highly recommend checking this one out."

--Horror Society Review

Main Street Meats (Review) | Horror Society

"felt unique in a sea of clones... just flat out fun from start to finish." -- Amazon Review

"A fun slasher with great music!" -- Amazon Review

"This is one of those wonderful indie horror/comedy flicks where you can tell how much fun the cast and crew had making it, resulting in an enjoyable experience for the viewer." -- Amazon Review

"This needs to be a series." -- IMDb Review

"just an all around fun movie. I highly recommend it." -- IMDb Review