AOL is among the earliest online service providers and has gone through some very difficult times to reach the place where it is today.

Over the years, other than AOL Mail login accounts, the company began to offer multiple services to its users, namely, ID Protection by AOL, AOL Desktop Gold, Search and Recover, Data Secure by AOL, AOL Shield Pro, AOL Mobile, etc.

Yes, AOL provides its own security service to offer users the most enhanced email experience, ever. But, despite that cyber crooks discovering or coming up with new ways to attack fellow humans have not been totally eliminated.

This read will guide you through one specific scam that hackers have been executing for quite some time now and they have fixated their target on people who are old owners of AOL Mail login accounts and do not want to switch to another email service.

The phishing scam surfaced when users were agonized by the thought of losing their long used email account because of inactivity. Let’s move on to understanding what the phishing scam is all about along with the preventive measures of never falling victim to such issues.

Get to know what AOL Mail is with its sign up steps

AOL (also formerly known as American Online) is a web-based email service that is free of cost and all additional charges. It suffered a lot in the technologically developing era but, is well-known for the strength it entailed with its approach towards tackling the problems.

However, it has been doing great since it became a part of Verizon and has been providing immense utility to all its users (old as well as new). So let’s begin with the steps involved in the process to create your AOL Mail login account before moving on to the phishing scam extravaganza:

  1. Launch a browser of your choice and get into the official site by AOL.

  2. Get into the “Create an Account” option link as and when you see it.

  3. Submit your data and register for an AOL Mail login account.

  4. Set your Gender, verify the submitted information and “Continue”.

Note: Throughout the steps, you need to make sure the submitted details are valid and do not have a chance of being mistaken. Also, remember to create an easy-to-remember username and unique but strong password that cannot be hacked into by anyone (a lot of brands suggest incorporating efficient password managers for enhanced security).