Welcome to the all access hub to the Mahoney PTA where you can find all the ways to contact us. We are here to help foster a sense of community during the school year through events that can involve students, staff and families. We look forward getting to know all the incredible Mahoney community for the 2022/23 school year.

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Marissa Lyons- PTA President Contact:

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Starting Friday October 14th-28th 2022-

2 weeks only!

All orders will be digital ordering with the link to the right!

2 Week turn around on orders!


Thank you for all the support today at

loyal companion!

Thank you to all the wonderful parents who donated to make this event a success!

  • Scott Morin

  • Racheal maddocks

  • Kelly Marble

  • Deidre Sileo

  • Elizabeth Lupien

  • Jennifer Christensen

  • Jenny Alfrey

  • Dobrila Filipovic

  • Deanne Corcoran

  • Rachel Pasquale

  • Jennifer Gardner

  • Susan Gagnon

  • Susan Tompkins

  • Catherine Callahan

  • Erin O'Connor Jones

  • Sarah Hulsey

  • Allyson Putnam

  • Caroline Phillips

  • Susan Rauscher

  • Jennifer Thurgood

  • Jaime Jamieson

We were asked to pose for the yearbook! so we had fun with it!

Thank you to everyone for helping make this a SUCCESS!

Loyal Companion is the best!


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