Vastu Foundation Course

MahaVastu Foundation Course enables you to understand power of 16 MahaVastu Zones and how to keep these balanced to create more happiness, love & money.

Course is led by MahaVastu Achaarya Humaera to help you learn 4 step MahaVastu methodology for step-by-step diagnosis of any problem and then applying MahaVastu techniques for balancing. You will be taught application of popular MahaVastu remedies as well as using household objects as remedies for achieving desired results.

Each session is full of practical sessions to enrich you with hands on experience of how to analyse floor plans and apply 4 step MahaVastu method for resolving any concern.

Learn the MahaVastu methodology by evaluating and balancing your own home with MahaVastu techniques and remedies. With practice, you will be able to correct problematic Vastu Doshas at the homes of your friends to help them live with more happiness, health, growth and excellence.

You will be able to:

  • Balance 5 elements in the 16 directions of your home, and apply appropriate MahaVastu Remedies for important aspects of life like boosting immunity, getting new opportunities for work, improving family relations, and children’s studies.

  • Evaluate and balance your home through the 4-Step MahaVastu Methodology utilizing Shakti Chakra. Then, correct the effects of different Activities, Utilities and decor Objects (AUOs), and 32 Entrances in 16 directions of a home.

  • Advise simple yet effective MahaVastu Solutions to cure Vastu faults due to wrong placement of kitchen, toilet, bedroom and other essential home activities using 16 MahaVastu techniques and attributes of 5 elements.

  • Select and place appropriate MahaVastu Remedies to program the inner space of a home for clarity, happiness, improving self-confidence, career growth and savings.

  • Place important documents, safe, children’s study table, your working table and other important assets for the best results of your efforts. Maintain a happy environment in your home using timeless Vedic Wisdom on health, safety, security and successful growth of Karmas (Occupation).

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