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Are you using a cooling or lubrication solution with toxic or hazardous properties? Take a look at MagLube’s wide array of organic lubricants for green manufacturing lubricating systems. All MagLube minimum quantity lubricant, including liquid and solid block, is environmentally friendly, green products and require no hazardous waste handling or disposal requirements. Whether you need MSDS sheets or other products in small quantities, large quantities, or sample sizes, check out our earth-friendly organic lubricants right here at

Equipment Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is impacted by many facets of equipment operation: throughput, downtime for preventative maintenance or repair, efficiency, consumable costs, etc. MagLube precision micro-lubrication solutions put the exact amount of minimum quantity lubricant when and where you need it – and only when and where you need it. This eliminates tremendous amounts of waste and cleanup associated with other industrial lubrication systems. In addition, precision lubrication reduces friction and heat, as well as, increases feed rates, resulting in reduced maintenance time and cost.

Looking to replace your existing industrial lubrication systems with micro-lubrication? MagLube’s green manufacturing lubrication systems present a true positive Return on Investment (ROI) and typically enable companies to achieve a 100% ROI in just months! Contact us today to find out what ROI, Net Present Value (NPV), and Payback Period can be achieved with MagLube solutions.

About MagLube Lubricant Manufacturers

MagLube's Clean and Green Lubricants
Eco-friendly manufacturing

Here at MagLube, we can design and install the correct industrial lubrication systems for each and every process within the manufacturing arena and in your shop.

With more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, MagLube of Cumming, Georgia has recognized the fact that there is no off-the-shelf approach to solving the numerous and varied lubricant problems in the manufacturing process. While many still believe that the answer is with the old technique of flooding parts with coolants or oils, the fact remains that this concept has its own problems such as wet parts, maintenance, and disposal.

Our MQL system is designed and retro-fitted to function flawlessly and transparently on your machines while utilizing the latest technology in pneumatics, injectors, PC logic controllers, and nozzle design. Each application determines the configuration of our systems to not only enhance your process, but to also use the least amount of lubricant per cycle of each machine.

Our lubricant manufacturers’ experience ranges from high-production CNC equipment to the smallest, most precise manual equipment.

As quality lubricant manufacturers, each of our lubricants are specific blends of organic oils with the combination of anti-wear and extreme pressure additives that reduce friction and dramatically extend cutting-tool life. With performance surpassing similar products on the market, our blending capabilities consistently provide the correct formula for every application.

We can help you select the correct MQL system and lubricant for your process to increase production, increase tool life, and decrease the amounts of disposable waste.

Machine Lubricants

MD-200 Lubricant


MD-200 is a general purpose lubricant for all materials such as metal, plastic, wood, and rubber. It is blended with a complete package of extreme pressure additives that provide excellent anti-wear characteristics.

* Best used for medium to heavy-duty machining, sawing, drilling, tapping, stamping, roll forming, and replacing band saw coolant. It is good for ALL materials.

HD-100 Lubricant


HD-100 is a general purpose lubricant for all materials such as metal, plastic, wood, and rubber. It is blended with a complete package of extreme pressure additives that provides excellent anti-wear characteristics.

* Best used for medium to heavy-duty machining, saw blade lubricant, drilling, tapping, stamping, and roll forming. It is good for ALL metals.

LD-300A Lubricant


LD-300A is a non-ferrous lubricant. It is a room temperature liquid possessing low viscosity, light color, and excellent lubrication properties. It will not attack rubber or plastics. It is used on critical applications as it will not leave any mess or sticky residue.

* Best used for roll forming, chain lubrication, metalworking, saw blade lubricant, milling, drilling, tapping, bending, woodworking, stamping, and forming.

LD-300L Lubricant


LD-300L is a non-ferrous aluminum lubricant. It is non-staining when removed at high temperatures (350°F). LD-300L is considered to be the ultimate aluminum lubricant when machining soft metals such copper and nickel.

* Best used for aluminum fabrication, milling, band saw coolant, drilling, tapping, stamping, and bending.

Maglube offers biodegrable industrial lubricants that are among the best in the world. We have 4 types that work on virutally every machining process there is in commercial manufacturing.

See our recent post describing these lubricants and read our most recent blog post on our site.

Minimum quantity lubrication is the 21st century solution to industrial manufacturing. Having biodegradable options for lubricating your machining process can transform your facility from an outdated, eco-unfriendly plant, to a green - eco-friendly business.

Maglube MQL is a custom solution to maximize every machine in your facility.

Check out more info about Maglube's custom MQL systems