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He is a fabulous work of art

magic diamanti born1964 in Bremen lives and works in Berlin. In 1985 he came to West Berlin as a refugee in military service.After the fall of the Wall in 1990, it moved eastward. Berlin Mitte, where he founded the wild 90 years around the Rosenthaler Platz. He occupied houses, hosted performances, made short films and created a club in his studio in the Brunnenstr called "Hohe Tatra".

At the same time he studied painting at the Kunsthochschule Bremen between 1990 and 1996, lived in Berlin Mitte and in Hamburg at Fischmarkt 18, founded the Atelierhaus Gb Bremen and the Post Ost Berlin.

He hosted several machines theatre plays in the Kampnagel theatre factory. The proband in “Roadshows” was confronted with an art world that creates an overdose of the visual offer.

In "Misconduct" as a document of a photographic staging. If he consistently plays roles of the self, he likes to increase his works from sloppy to absurd. An aesthetization of the pre-Instagram Facebook world.

After a long time he has dedicated himself again to the origin of his art, painting. It uses digital deformation to bring sequential manufacturing into the present. 

The sum of various kinds of styles and media, in a concept that never wants to end. Photography, drawing, painting, building as a means of art. With subversive ease, he designs a space that serves as an experience world. His art cosmos creates an ironic distance. He reinterprets social reality in its own sense, like a memory image as a subjective commentary.  

---ai-- my ass......