Larry Volz Illusion Show and Comedy Magic

30 years of performing on TV, cruise ships, theaters around the globe squashed into a 7-minute video with quick clips and full comedy magic routines

Magical Mad Science and Medicine Show

Fantastic magic in a classical character with current comedy. Can be an interlude in a magic/illusion show or a show in itself.

Magical Mad Science and Medicine Show (with historical/current events intro)

The same show but with fascinating tidbits about discerning real complementary healthcare from modern snake oil. Performed for medical professionals and wellness-themed events.

Larry calls himself an "imaginologist." He is a master of bringing ideas from the imagination out into reality in order to curate unique and fun experiences for his guests. From impossible magical curiosities to escape rooms that he designs for groups around the country his is a rich collection of perplexing fun.

And for information on Larry's comedy stage hypnosis programs check out his site that is dedicated to those at