MaGIC 2022

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Manifolds and Geometric Integration Colloquia, Ilsetra 28.02-04.03, 2022

How to get there

NB! Participation is by invitation only, all ESRs and PIs in the THREAD project + GI groups from NTNU and U of Bergen are invited by default. We may fill up with more people if additional rooms are available.


We will stay in apartments up to 2 persons in each. There are two bedrooms, a bathroom and a small kitchen with a fridge in each apartment. 


All meals are included and will be served in the restaurant at Ilsetra.  But one needs to prepare sandwiches for lunch during breakfast.

We arrive Monday evening.  Soup and bread will be available for everyone in the restaurant throughout the evening.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Friday morning, checkout after breakfast


There will be room for about 20-25 talks and typical duration is 30 minutes including questions. Priority is given to ESRs, PhD students and postdocs. Title and abstract should be submitted no later than February 21 as email to Brynjulf. Typical abstract length will be 5-10 lines. Do not expect a blackboard or whiteboard to be available. If you want to write live, a tablet with a smart pen is probably the best option.

Free time activities

There are various options

What to bring