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Thank you Shane Grammer!

Mural painted by Shane Gammer on the side of the fellowship hall on August 23, 2021. Shane painted many murals on the burned remains of houses after the Camp Fire. Shane's murals brought us a little beauty during a time when we had to drive through our town and see nothing but destruction. 

The Magalia Community Church (MCC)  announced that it has Partnered with Chloe’s Mountain the movie and E Clampus Vitus (ECV) Chapter 7-11 Pair-O-Dice to create a Camp Fire Memorial located behind the Historic Magalia Chapel. 

Historic firehouse transforms into food distribution center for church

We are grateful for the generosity of all the people on the Ridge that support Magalia Community Church’s Resource & Recovery Center. When we are blessed by someone who has such strong ties to the community, that have taken their God given talent and used it to bless other. I urge you to go to and see the music video and help contribute to our cause. God bless you!

Thank you from the State Legislature.


Report from Action News Now: First Gold Nugget Parade and Donkey Derby held in Magalia in Front of Magalia Church.

Action News Now Camp Fire Special