Maelstrom Obscura

An adventure game delving into the world of investigating conspiracy theories and myths... Talk to theorists, debunkers, witnesses, agencies, military etc... Gather information and discover for yourself if some conspiracies/myths are indeed true... From sightings of Yetis to the JFK assassination to the Roswell ufo crash to Soldiers cloned into Cyborgs to New World Order to....... Are aliens indeed taking over the earth from an alien base at the South Pole?

The game is being made with the Adventure Game Studio (AGS) game engine (Build

I have recruited a team to work with me on this project. Expected release date: Spring 2020.

Please support us in making this game a reality.

A demo will be made available before 2020 which will be free.

This website will be updated as the game progresses so stay tuned.