Mad Number is an organization working towards providing a platform to create a public fund which is used to overcome poverty by promoting decent work and economic growth. We are doing this by accelerating entrepreneurship, creating new types of employment, or providing opportunities for people to overcome traditional barriers to employment.

Goal 1: No Poverty

Providing a way to people living below poverty line to be able to start a guaranteed basic income cycle that they can work for.

Goal 8: Decent Work & Economic Growth

Creating opportunities for people living below poverty line to get job or start a business.

How we help people?

With our mobile app raising funds through adverts, we identify a family living below poverty line. We spend time with them understanding the problems they are facing and work with them to improve it. Because everyone has a different story and challenges so we curate the experience for everyone and help them rise above the poverty line.

We are not a charity we're an institution which help people live better lives and make them able to take care of their basic needs.

"Our secret is that everything we do is public including our finances, our spendings and people that we are helping."

Download Mobile App

On Mad Number's mobile app you can do certain simple activities like watching an ad or answering a question and you get some points for every activity that you finish. Then you can redeem those point to get merchandize, prices and discounts at your favourite places.

When you do these activities we get money. How much? Well it varies from region to region and you can see all the money and where it's being spent on the app and as well as on this website.

We use this money to identify a family living below poverty line. People using this app also identify a family who could use our help. So you can help in numerous ways.

By spending time understanding the problems a particular family have we start working on a solution for them. This is case to case basis we take on oe case ad do team meetings and try to understand the problem and solution for that family.

Upon presenting solution if the family agrees to it we start working on the solution and all of this goes public. Helping a family can include things like paying the fee of school for their children every month, building a small business and loaning it out to someone who'll work on it and return the amount we spend building that business and so on.

Mad Number Mobile App

A Donation of $10 , this will help us get one step closer to our goal. Making donations will also give you an early access of the platform and you can get points for gifts and rewards curated specially for you.

Donations are a great way to help us further our mission. Even the smallest amount will add a lot of value. We're currently accepting donations to further our platform development so that we can get closer to a full launch.