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Four Months in Brighton Park

Set in a working class neighborhood on Chicago's southwest side in 1965, "Four Months in Brighton Park" focuses on Kelly Elliott, the kid with two first names. Kelly is a cross between Holden Caulfield and Walter Mitty, rarely facing reality until one day when he is forced to confront the consequences of his actions, when he impulsively makes an obscene gesture at Joe Swedarsky, the school jock and bully. That initial conflict starts a cascade of humorous and affecting dominoes that change his life. Being raised by his single, hard-working mother, Kelly stumbles through misadventures -- dealing with his mother's tyrannical pilot boyfriend, peer pressure, male curiosities, teachers, and friendships. Besides Ma, his guides through this journey include Little Joey, the legless owner of a local deli; best friend Jerry Hogan, Mary Harker, a troubled, mature woman; and Linda Martinsen, the quiet girl who found something likable in Kelly. The four month journey taken by Kelly provides insight, change, humor and empathy, elements of which all people are familiar.


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5/5 Star Review

"well-written, endearing, and with a timeless feel, “Four Months in Brighton Park” by Larry Ehrhorn is a great read for fans of literary drama and coming-of age novels... The editing and formatting were perfect. Overall an engrossing and complex story, and I’d love to read more from Larry Ehrhorn in the future."

  • Karen, GoodReads

4.5/5 Star Review

"I liked Larry Ehrhorn’s way of writing scenes and characters but especially how we really get inside Kelly’s psyche… it has much in the way of insightful and profound moments, as well as solid character growth as his relationships with others, from his mom, to the school bully, to a girl he crushes on and even an older stripper, help shape his development into a ‘man’... It is so beautifully written and I really did like going getting to know Kelly, and witness his struggles and experiences."

  • Jhonni, GoodReads

5/5 Star Review

"From the very beginning the strong, energetic narrative pulled me in, and the developing action flowed seamlessly from one page to the next... Not formulaic or cookie-cutter at all. I was impressed with Ehrhorn’s passionate writing style and even though there are some dark moments, in a way this book is more ‘enlightening’ than anything and very introspective... Definitely a moving story that I’ll remember and would recommend to others."

Cody, GoodReads

4.5/5 Star Review

"A very impressive effort by author Larry Ehrhorn in his book “Four Months in Brighton Park”. While this has the authentic-feel of a bio/memoir (and is better for it!!) it is a novel (and therefore fiction) yet I suspect some of these events or characters must be inspired by the author’s actual experiences – they are just too poignant and real. Ehrhorn’s writing is fantastic and kept me turning the pages on my Kindle quickly – finished it in just two evenings! (fast for me). By the end I was turning the pages as fast as I could, and was impressed with how much life story and profound experiences Ehrhorn managed to get in these pages in such an impactful and entertaining way. Really ran the gamut of emotions with this one and was even a little sad when it was over – I wanted more!"

  • Megan, GoodReads

5/5 Star Review

"In “Four Months on Brighton Park”, Author Larry Ehrhorn brilliantly delivers a literary treat that had me captivated from the first to the last page. The characters and scenes are so well depicted that I felt like I was right there in the story with Kelly, Swedarsky, Laura, Mary, his Ma, Little Joey, Jerry, and all the others in this classic tale of growing up in a different era... I was surprised to see that this is Larry Ehrhorn’s first novel – it reads like it is written by a seasoned pro! "

  • Jenna, GoodReads

5/5 Star Review

"This story was great! I really liked it, even more than I thought I would... It’s about finding out who you are, with ups and downs and conflict and important relationships and the crazy parts of life with unusual characters that will take you by surprise time and time again. I liked the unpredictable feel of this book but also took comfort in its familiar, classic tropes. Also brought back a few memories of my own. A great coming of age novel that takes you back, will entertain and make you think and make you feel. "

  • Sherri, GoodReads

5/5 Star Review

"Larry Ehrhorn hit the metaphorical nail on the head over and over again each step along the way of Kelly Elliot’s emotional journey into adulthood. This powerful, yet fun story moves from scene to scene effortlessly, and Ehrhorn shows exceptional ability when it comes to believable storytelling. He has the ability to make the reader feel like we are really there in this world and part of Kelly’s life throughout these four months. Couldn’t put it down and can’t wait to read more from Ehrhorn. "

  • Layla, GoodReads

5/5 Star Review

"I enjoyed every word of this book. I was hooked from start to finish. Four Months in Brighton Park is different than books I usually read and I haven’t read something this well-written and engaging in ages."

7/10 Review

"Larry Ehrhorn captured exactly what it is like to be young and be caught in the middle of hormones, strife and trying to navigate the world around you... Although the story is set in 1965, there is an almost timeless feel to this book... Ehrhorn has a degree of class and professionalism in his writing. The reflective style of writing, in particular, worked really well in this type of story. I would recommend this for readers who enjoy a Bildungsroman style without the necessary constraints in that type of fiction. If you’re after something with humour and heart, this is definitely the book for you. Kelly’s story is unique but so very familiar and it brought a smile to my face. "

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