Harshajyoti Das

This was exactly what I needed. I landed on this course after searching “how to create a magazine with Google Slides” on Google. Murice is an excellent presenter. This course delivers and he has done a good job with his course. After taking this course, anybody can design their own magazine with Google Slides. I have heard about people designing with idesign but Google slides is a really inexpensive option. Moreover, I love working with Google slides and Google docs. He deserves a 5 star rating for this course. No complains. Very happy. Time well spent.

Christi Collins

I enjoyed the course! The course was very easy to follow and the instructions were clear and simple. This is such a fun and creative way to use Google Slides. I would highly recommend the course to others!

Bruce Chamoff

I forgot about Google Slides in the Google Docs suite, so this course reinforced my knowledge of it. Only thing is that it looks exactly like Powerpoint, so if you already know Powerpoint, this course will be a breeze to you.