RIBIO 2023

Workshop for Machine Intelligence for Autonomous Vehicles



Autonomous vehicles (AVs), i.e., self-driving cars and ships, have attracted great attention worldwide in recent years. Especially, during the epidemic of COVID-19, the expectation for autonomous vehicles is more urgent because the AVs would be capable of transferring a huge number of patients and medical resources, reducing the risk of infection among passengers and drivers, and minimizing the risk of virus transmission through transportation networks. To be capable of making optimal decisions, AVs should have the ability to perceive complex dynamic environments quickly and accurately. Fueled by big data from various sensors and advanced computing resources, data-driven machine intelligence has become an essential component of AVs and stimulated the development of AVs.

This workshop will bring together researchers, industry experts, and practitioners who are interested in cultivating specialized and important aspects of machine intelligence in the context of autonomous vehicles.


Houxiang Zhang


Member of Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences(NTVA)

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Topic: Digital twin ships

Man Zhu

Associate Professor

Wuhan Univeristy of Technology

Gaofeng Li


Zhejiang University

Dalin Zhang

Associate Professor

Aalborg University