Mabud Ali Sarkar

PhD Student

The University of Burdwan

Burdwan-713104, India

"Wipe out every tear from every eye"-Mahatma Gandhi


Research Topic: Algebraic Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry and Arithmetic Dynamics

Research Papers:

Conference/Seminar Talks Given:

(Title of the Talk: Rigidity and Unlikely Intersection in Stable p-adic Dynamical System)

(Title of the talk: Higher dimensional Lubin-Tate formal group).

(Title of the Talk: p-adic Hodge Theory and Breuil-Kisin Module).

Workshop/Summer School Attended:

Research Entrance Exam. Qualified:

Awards: CSIR Research Fellowship for 5 years with File No.- 09/025(0249)/2018-EMR-I