Meeting on Applied Algebraic Geometry

April 7

Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA.

Organizers: Greg Blekherman, Anton Leykin, and Josephine Yu.


Registration is $40, but is free if you fill out the form here before March 15, 2018.

There is some funding available for non-local students and early career participants. The deadline to apply for financial support is Feb 1, 2018.

Speakers (April 7)

  • Dan Bates (Colorado State)
  • Florian Enescu (Georgia State)
  • Jon Hauenstein (Notre Dame)
  • Kaie Kubjas (MIT/Aalto)
  • Vicki Powers (Emory)
  • Seth Sullivant (North Carolina State)

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Numerical AG day (April 8) organizers

  • Dan Bates
  • Jon Hauenstein
  • Anton Leykin
MAAG 2018 schedule

The Meeting on Applied Algebraic Geometry (MAAG 2018) is a regional gathering that attracts participants primarily from the South-East of the United States. Two previous meetings took place at Georgia Tech in 2015 and at Clemson in 2016.

This time around we have invited several speakers from outside this region and are open to "longer distance" participants as well. There is even some funding available (see registration form, priority is given to students). The main event on Saturday April 7 will be followed by an informal Numerical Algebraic Geometry day on Sunday April 8, which participants are encouraged to attend.