West Allis-Merging for Ministry


The Vision of a New Ministry

Over the past four years merger discussions have been taking place between the WELS congregations in the West Allis area. Representatives from each of our churches have met regularly over the past year to further develop the idea with the assistance of a synod consultant.

Our three West Allis congregations held voters' meetings on Sunday, February 27th in regard to the merger proposal that had been presented. All three congregations voted in favor of the resolution to unify our ministries. The results were:

Good Shepherd's - 78% in favor

Jordan - 92% in favor

Woodlawn - 82% in favor

We will share details of this process as we move forward.

For now, please pray for one another and for God's blessing on the work that lies ahead!


We dream of a thriving, mission-minded church in West Allis that is taking bold steps in faith to do something new and different to be faithful in our mission and more effective for God’s kingdom.

This new WELS church would pursue this vision by prioritizing the following values as we carry out ministry together:

• Gospel-centered Biblical Truth

• Courageous Evangelism

• Engaging Worship

• Intentional Discipleship

• Welcoming Christian Community

• Impactful Service

See some of the ways we are already working together!

FLOCK (Friends Learning of Christ the King)

Merger Proposal Presentation (January/February 2021)

Merger Study Presentation - Part 1 (March 2020)

Merging For Mission Presentation - Part 2 (March 2020)