it is possible for all pariticipants to arrive as of Sept. 24 (maybe earlier) and stay a few days longer for holiday (highly recommendable)

Experiencing Living and Loving Your Design

September 26 to October 2 - 2022 Corfu

A one week immersion into discovering and living your unique Design

with Nisarg B Nikiel, certified IHDS Analyst and Teacher

This course is not so much a "course" as an individual journey of self-discovery.

During those 7 days the fascinating knowledge of Human Design is transmitted in such a way that participants can actually experience themselves in their uniqueness.

Even though the theoretical knowledge offers interesting aspects for the examination of human wiring, still, without application and tangible experience with oneself and others, information can become just more food for our ever-doubting and searching minds.

Instead you will receive easy and practicable keys that help you to get realigned with your inborn navigation system.

In Human Design this place is called “Inner Authority”, which represents your unique “inner guide” that makes sure that you are in the right place at the right time with the right people; as you are being moved through life towards the fulfilment of your destiny.

This is a course about discovering and loving the uniqueness of being you.

No matter how long you've been studying Human Design or how far you've gone in your experiment, Nisarg's ability in her unique Reflector style to highlight and crystallize the true nature of each person is offering a great support in understanding, accepting and living your life with more ease and love for yourself.

This naturally leads to understanding and respecting more readily the lives of the people close to you.


Nisarg on "Experiencing Living and Loving Your Design":

Normally a "LYD" lasts 2 to 3 days or spreads out over some weeks in 1 or 2 hour classes online.

After having facilitated several LYDs in this way I realised that more time is needed to not only learn about one’s design but to be able to experience it. It needs to be a true initiation into waking up from a kind of hypnosis in which we were conditioned to identify with who we are not; to who we really are.

What I am offering in these 7 days is an immersion into one's design. Through connecting energetically with what the map is suggesting a deep inner awakening and healing can be experienced.

It is one thing to tell you what your inner authority is – but to actually experience it physically and energetically needs a different approach and support – and most of all time… The same is true for the understanding of the energy of the 9 centres – open and coloured (defined)

It is an inner journey of reconnecting with the joy of being alive as your unique self.

Ra Uru Hu:

"At the very basis of Human Design is a goal, the goal to liberate the self, the being, the unique being, the individual."

Living Your Design Guide Training

September 25 to October 3 - 2022 Corfu

I discovered early on that a LYD guide training needs to be based on participating in a live LYD and using every aspect of it as a teaching example. So my trainings last 8-9 days and cover a minimum of 50 hours.

Day 1:

Theoretical introduction.

Day 2-8:

Participating in the LYD; and meeting every day after the course for an hour to discuss and clarify the days events.

Day 9:

Filling gaps and completing the training.

– possible online meeting after your first solo experience can be arranged –


I was trained by Ra live to become a LYD guide in 2002. What impacted me most was his insistence that LYD is not a teaching but an Awakening Course - from the Not Self to the True Self. I’ve discovered over all these years of facilitating countless live LYDs worldwide that this is truly the most important course being offered in HD - and in a way the most challenging one to facilitate because it establishes the foundation for the beginning of a radical life-changing cellular process of deconditioning. So the transmission needs to be clean and clear, and from a place of deep inner connection to one’s own experience as guide.

It is to this day my favourite HD course and I continue to be surprised each time by the unique responses and understandings of the participants, as well as by the healings that take place in the atmosphere of sensitive awareness and loving acceptance - coupled with mutual respect.

Prerequisite: Reading, Living Your Design, Rave ABC and Rave Cartography