January and February I'll be working on Python scripting for sysadmin tasks and getting a start with the Google Cloud, both on Linux Academy, which is worth its salt. I'm also in the home stretch for finishing up my concentration in network security for the CS degree at Santa Fe Community College.
:~$ telnet-touchdown!, is a blog about tech-related stuff I'm up to or interested in. 
:~$ Github, is where I put mostly Python projects.

2017 talks, presentations, work, etc:
For WomenWhoCode:
A blog post on the All Things Open Conference, 2017
For OpenEye Scientific Software:
A presentation, "Things Sysadmins do"
For the Georgia O'Keeffe Research Institute:
A radio show about archives 
An talk and article about the Maria Chabot Papers archival collection
The finding aid, a guide to the Maria Chabot Papers, which was created using ArchivesSpace free open-source software