Core Beliefs

LVTB Travel Philosophies

1. Winning is not the primary objective

While our Coaches are very competitive by nature and want to put the players in the best position to succeed, win at all costs has no place in youth sports. We have had success as Coaches from a winning perspective, but that has been a bi-product of the greater goals for teams and players.

2. Protecting health is king

Protecting health has to be the number one priority. As tempting as it can be in the moment to focus on winning, player health is king and can never be put in jeopardy. It is the manager’s responsibility to closely monitor positions like pitching and catching in order to protect the players. While tournaments have their own guidelines, LVTB will develop their own guidelines related to pitch counts and innings per game at catcher (as well as combined pitcher / catcher innings).

3. Growth as young men and women

Promoting growth as developing young men and women is critical at all ages, but especially with this age group. We will have focused, disciplined, hardworking, and resilient teams. Teaching how to deal with and overcome adversity is one of the most important skills we will work on. An appropriate amount of time would be devoted to building this skillset during practices and not just during games when emotions are high. All of these values will be developed using a respectful approach towards each and every player at all times.

4. Skills development

While this item is fourth on the list, please do not read into that in terms of its importance. Players in travel are looking for advanced instruction. As the Manger, countless hours will go into ensuring we have a first class program for skills development for every player on the roster. Our strong passion for the game combined with a thirst for knowledge, is what we will provide. These elements combined with strong organizational and communication skills will allow us to effectively develop players.

A critical advantage LVTB travel has over other programs is the commitment of the Lakes Varsity Head Coach (Bob Holst) to provide hands on instruction. We will also work to build a detailed and comprehensive program that would be implemented making efficient use of practice time.

5. Personal relationships

Part of being a Manager is giving your customers a great experience. In addition to the players, it is critical to build and maintain relationships with the parents. Being organized and effectively communicating with parents goes a long way towards building an extremely positive opinion. We pride ourselves on keeping cool, listening to understand, providing honest feedback, and ultimately making decisions that are in the best interest of the team and the player.