Las Labels

Wolfs Minimal'
Label for Minimal, Techno and House music.

Inverted Pentagram Records
Label for Psychedelic and Trance music genres.

Antropofagia Records
Label for Hard, Core and Dark electronic music.

Label for Noise and Ambient music genres.

D/D/D Productions
Label for Punk and Anti-Music genres.

Divergência II
Label for Experimental and uncategorized music.

Velter's Ward
Home of Los Velters aliases from 2015 'till 2022.

Velter's Yard
Actual home of Los Velters aliases since 2022.

"We love music, and music is what we live for"

Los Velters Productions (aka LV's Productions) is a company created by Juan Velter to unite all him records labels in only one place. All this records releases independent electronic music in general, but work with bands too. All music (or anti-music) is welcome to our company!

Juan Velter live in Pernambuco, Brazil

Send us your album on:
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You can direct your music to some label, but if you're not decided, i'll choose the label for you.

You can find albuns from Wolfs Minimal', Velter's Yard, Velter's Ward and Antropofagia Records on Spotify, Deezer, YouTube and other streaming plataforms. If you want, we can distribute your album if possible - independent of the label.