A lupus pageant offers a unique platform to raise awareness and support for those with lupus. By showcasing contestants with the disease, it educates, empowers, and builds a sense of community. These events also serve as fundraisers, inspire others, combat stigma, and provide education while advocating for better care and research. Ultimately, lupus pageants celebrate resilience and creativity while promoting understanding and change. 

Join us for the 4th Annual 

Gibson Lupus ARC 2023 International Lupus Pageant

It's more than just a pageant; it's a platform, a voice, a community. A unique stage where the stories of Lupus warriors are celebrated, where advocates can amplify their call, and where we come together to remember the brave souls we've lost. 

Imagine being surrounded by a tribe who truly understands your journey, where your scars aren't just seen, but celebrated. Where your voice contributes to a collective shout against Lupus. It's not just about the crown, but the camaraderie, the hope, and the awareness we'll spread together. 

Ready to be part of this incredible movement? Join us, stand tall, and let the world see the strength and resilience of the Lupus community. For this revolution to truly shine, it needs YOU! 

Sign up for the Gibson Lupus ARC 2022 International Lupus Pageant. Let's rewrite the Lupus narrative together. ✨ 

Virtual Voting Starts October 1st, 2023

Phase 1: Video Entry Scored Categories

Phase 2: Finale Scored Categories 

Finale will be in Houston Texas

4th Annual Distinguished Judges

Anne Marie (Leahey) Blacketer, CFRE, Lupus Foundation of America (Gulf Coast Chapter) President

LUPUS FOUNDATION OF AMERICA TEXAS GULF COAST CHAPTER INC is a stand alone affiliate of Lupus Foundation of America. We support Lupus Warriors across the Texas Gulf Coast from Beaumont to Harlingen! With the Mission and Purpose With the help and support from informed volunteers, lupus medical experts, patients and supporters, 


Tim Thorn aka Paisley360 fashion work can be seen in GQ Magazine, New York Fashion Week and most recently in this year’s October issue of Essence Magazine. 

Paisley360 has worked with and styled several celebrities, ranging from athletes, singers, actors and business professionals.   In addition, he has appeared on television and radio--Great Day Houston with Debra Duncan, Artic Blast Fashion Show with Idris Elba, ”Houston Fit Reality TV”,  A Match Made in Houston (CW39), Press Pass to the City with Darian Ward, Stylist for performers of “Houston’s Tribute to Prince”, Houston Chronicle, Houston International Fashion Festival, stylist for Miss Bahamas, International Philipino Television, Aldo A-List Shoe Event  and Mezlan Shoes, finalist for Houston’s Culture Stylemakers and  recepient of the Fashion Trail Blazer Award. 


Master Crafter, Dr. Hope Foster has spearheaded for over a decade the company called Signature Sipz, LLC. a Texas-Based Winery that specializes in Custom Crafting.

Our Winery is in a class of it’s own. We have successfully worked with multiple celebrities and game-changing influencers, TV networks and major award productions including BET.

Signature Sipz, LLC. has also been responsible for crafting one-of-a-kind concoctions for Liquor Brands like Crown Royal, Absolut Vodka, Hennessy Vsop, Bacardi, Bombay, Destiny Moscato, Jack Daniels & 50 cent Branson Cognac just to name a few.


Former Winners

Calvinia Williams

2020 Winner

Las Vegas, Nevada

Emmitt Hendersen

2021 Winner

San Diego, California

Tonya Michelle

2022 Winner

Atlanta, Georgia


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Those that make it to the finale in Houston TX USA will be part of a advocacy awareness photoshoot. 

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Those that make it to the finale in Houston TX USA will be part of a advocacy awareness photoshoot. 


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We Need You! 

For many, Lupus isn't just a medical term – it's a daunting reality. It's the unseen battles fought daily, the silent tears, the countless moments of courage. For advocates, supporters, and those who've suffered a heartbreaking loss, it's a cause that often feels overshadowed, lacking the recognition and resources it desperately needs. 

Imagine a world where Lupus doesn't have the last say. A world where every Lupus warrior receives the support, care, and acknowledgment they deserve. Where advocates see tangible change from their efforts, and where the memory of loved ones fuels positive impact and creates lasting legacies. 

The bridge from a world of silence and shadows to one of hope and impact is the Gibson Lupus ARC foundation. With every contribution, we're not just raising funds; we're amplifying voices, advancing research, and offering support to those who need it most. Together, we can turn the tides against Lupus. But this journey towards a brighter future begins with your generosity. 

Gibson Lupus Autoimmune Resource Center @2013