Bridging Inequality. 

Nurturing Progress. 

Building Dreams. One Compassionate Initiative.

Building Dreams. One Compassionate Initiative.

 Together, we embark on a journey to create lasting positive change, laying the foundation for a more equitable and prosperous 'Ang Bagong Pilipinas.'


1. Agriculture 

Horticulture (hydro-aquaponics, agro voltaics, etc.)


Fishery (aquaculture with hatchery farm, fish cages and fish ponds, traditional fishing)

Agroforestry ( reforestation and afforestation, native trees included)

Agro Industrial: (Manufacturing for food preservation and quality enhancement)

Post harvest facilities (dryer, dry & cold storage, grain mills, ice plant, others)

Trading Center facilities including infrastructures

2. Green Bells Land Realty Corporation for housing and realty development for the creation of decent livable shelters for the homeless, underprivileged, and the poor

3. Green Bells Healthcare and Wellness Corporation for promoting good health, prevention of diseases, curing illnesses in the most effective ways using the least possible cost and in the most affordable ways and means

Green Bells Energy Corporation  to keep the economy going, growing and continuing life by supplying the Country’s energy needs.

5. Green Bells Land Social Care and Development Incorporation to help the:

• needy by providing their needs while nurturing and equipping them to be independent living in an ORPHANAGE and SENIOR HOMES;

• less fortunate by providing livelihoods

• children of employees of all the subsidiary companies of LUNTIANG BUHAY by providing educational programs like scholarships and other educational needs

• scholarship programs to qualified underprivileged students 

• training programs for interested persons in the different fields of science & technology, arts & culture, skills trainings and others

6. Green Bells Financial Technology Corporation for financial literacy projects to equip people on wealth management for future security

7. Green Bells Import-Export Corporation with a project to open and expand the horizon of our market opportunities on matters of commercials and marketing

8. Green Bells Mining Corporation projects on mining metals, minerals and other resources to sustain the needs of our industries that provide income to our fellow countrymen

9. Green Bells Land Management and Services Corporation with projects to extend help or assistance to all the subsidiary companies and their employees and families including legal services to help unfortunate, underprivileged and employees and their families when they become victim of any form of allegations, suspicions, and charges.

10. Green Bells Digital Technology Services Corporation

11. Green Bells Marketing and Distribution Company

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