Salmon Luminary Arts Project

In this STEAM project, you will learn to make a luminary globe representing some portion of the lifecycle of our wild Salmon.  You are invited to bring your artwork to the Annual Illuminight Winter Walk, a celebration of the Skagit River and the many beings that depend on it.  Go to the "More" page for More information. 

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This video (26:42) gives you instructions for how to make your luminary in 3 days.  Days 1 and 2 can be done on a single day, but the project needs to dry overnight before following the Day 3 instructions.  Use the chapter marks  to jump different parts of the videos. 

What if your globe collapsed?!

This video (4:31) covers:


This video (1:23) covers:

Simple Design Idea - Salmon Egg

This video (11:36) covers:

Orca Design Idea

This video (15:11) covers:

One connection between are and science is they both are most interesting when you make mistakes and learn from them

Find out more about salmon, the Skagit watershed, and the Annual Illuminight Winter Walk 

Image from our 2019 Illuminight Winter Walk.  Photo by Jessamyn Tuttle.