• December 2018: My essay "Imagine That You See the Wretched Strangers," is up at After the Art. The essay focuses on Ai Weiwei's "Odyssey," Susan Cohen's poem "Report on the State of the World's Children," and the international refugee crisis.

• December 2018: My story "Valentine's Day," prompted by last year's mass shooting at Parkland High School, has been putlished in Things Left and Found by the Side of the Road, a new flash fiction anthology published by Ad Hoc Press.

• September 2018: In case you're wondering what it's like to get flooded out after a hurricane, check out my story "Down in the Flood," originally published in Arts & Letters.

• September 13: As Hurricane Florence bears down on us, I have a new blog post up at The Editor's Eye: "The [Editor's] Eye of the Hurricane."

• July 8 -14: I taught a flash fiction class at the Wildacres Writers' Workshop, at Wildacres Retreat near Little Switzerland, NC. Teaching at Wildacres is one of the great joys of my life. This was my 27th year.

• June 16th: To celebrate the U.K.'s National Flash Fiction Day, the online journal Flash Flood published one flash story every ten minutes. My flash story "Witnesses" went live at 8:00 AM BST. This is my second appearance in Flash Flood on Flash Fiction Day (last year's story was "Get On Over Here") and I'm very happy to again be part of the party.

• June 14: In the Debris Field has been published by Ad Hoc Fiction, London. Available at the Ad Hoc Fiction Website, or email the author.

• April 9: The Bath Flash Fiction folks have published a very nice interview with me about my winning novella, flash fiction vs. prose poetry, editing Tar River Poetry, and etc. Here's the link: Interview with Luke Whisnant.

• March 19: My flash fiction chapbook, In the Debris Field, has won first prize in the Bath (England) Flash Fiction International Novella in Flash Award. The award includes book publication and £300 (about $420 US). More: links to the official announcement and some info about the winner and runners up.

• March 5: New blog post up at The Editor's Eye: "How Many Poems Did You Read Last Month?"—a little essay about the Tar River Poetry editing process.

• February 17: I taught a fiction writing session for the Veteran's Writers Workshop at ECU.

• February 13: JMWW Journal published my flash story "Sandwich"; click on the title to read.

• Also on February 13: The fine folks at Hobart published a quirky story of mine, "Alptraum," for their quirky journal; you can read it here. Hobart is always on the list of top ten American venues for flash fiction, so I'm tickled that they took this piece.

• February 3rd: I joined poets John Hoppenthaler and Phillip Shabazz to judge the "Heart of the Pamlico Poet Laureate" award—a public competition between the three finalists in Washington, NC.

• December: My personal remembrance of the late William H. Gass, who was one of my teachers and served on my MFA thesis committee, has been included on Stephen Schenkenberg's excellent website "Reading William Gass" ( You can read it here.

• December: Ad Hoc Press' collection of new flash, Flash Fiction Festival One, includes my story "Plastic." The anthology celebrates this year's Flash Festival in Bath, England.

• Oct 28-29, South Carolina Writers Association "Big Dream" conference at Pawley's Island: I taught two sessions: "Flash 101: Misconceptions, History, Strategies, and Prompts," and "Finding Your Lyric Voice."

• My essay about editing Tar River Poetry, published in fall of 2016 by Shining Rock Poetry Anthology, continues to amuse at least some readers with its faux-naive conflation of poetry and pornography. You can read it here: Perusing The Inbox.