Welcome to the Exeter Open Quantum Systems site!

The Open Quantum Systems group is led by Luis A. Correa at the Department of Physics of the University of Exeter.

We study the rich physics of quantum systems that interact with their surroundings. We then use this knowledge to blueprint better quantum sensors that can beat current precision standards, and to design novel thermodynamic cycles capable of efficient cooling deep in the quantum regime. Learn more about our research on noisy quantum sensing, quantum thermometry, and quantum thermodynamics here.

We are based on the breathtaking coast of the South West of England—the "California" of the UK!

Are you a student looking for an exciting PhD?

We are hiring. Applications will soon open for EPSRC-funded PhD studentships at Exeter and we are putting forward various cool projects!

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Postdoctoral fellowship opportunities:

Are you looking for a dynamic and "open" group?

We are happy to support applications from strong candidates to join us.

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Latest news

  • (Sept. 2020) Jonas Glatthard has just joined the group for a PhD on the thermodynamics of strongly coupled systems. Welcome to the team, Jonas!

  • (July 2020) Welcome to Stefan Aimet, who is joining us as a summer student. Stefan will work on bridging quantum optics and quantum thermodynamics.

  • (June 2020) Welcome to Joshua Loizou, who has been awarded an EPSRC Vacation Internship to work with us on the thermodynamics of complex open quantum systems using graph theory.

  • (May 2020) Charlotte Hogg and Alex White have joined the Open Quantum Systems group as MPhys project students. They will be working on modelling heat flows across open many-body quantum systems. Welcome!