Metal fabricators generate scrap during their production processes. They use their maximum expertise in handling, shaping, cutting, folding, punching and shearing to make the most durable metal objects like home accessories, industrial equipment’s, building tools and many more.

But how can they benefit from their scrap metals? Basically for most of the fabricators, scrap is waste because the left over material after production process is not viable enough to make other objects and eventually they dump these metals into waste scrap metals bins. Even though they pay less attention that each metal has distinguished value and they mix it with other metals for example stainless steel with aluminium or vice versa. For them the scrap metal is worth less than their finished goods.

As a professional scrap metal recycler, it is our core responsibility to give the best service to our customers for the sale of their scrap metals in order to build healthy and long term relationships which also includes transparency & accountability from the moment the scrap metal is received at our recycling facility till they receive their final payment.

Scrap metal recycling business is a competitive trade these days. Everyone needs to save cost and seek for high margins but proper scrap management program is one way to achieve that for your surplus scrap metals. Each metal has a different value depending on its type, grade, volume and condition all these you can learn with experience and gain knowledge from time to time.

Here are the following quick scrap management tips and that can help not only the metal fabricators but other metal recycling industries as well;


The most common mistake, the fabricator does is to dump all scrap metals in one bin which is the main hurdle in generating maximum revenue from their scrap metals. (See Figure 1.) For example, if you are a fabricator, you produce scrap every day like aluminium punching press, aluminium profile left over cut pieces, aluminium powder, galvanized cut sheets, aluminium cut sheets, stainless steel punching, cut sheets or turnings etc.

PLEASE DO NOT DUMP THEM IN A SINGLE BIN. Place separate bins for each grade of metals before it’s available for sale. It will help you in developing competitive price idea from your buyers and allows you take the value-adding steps for your future scrap deals. On the other hand each scrap metals goes through different melting process, it depends on its chemical composition which might reduce the overall value of metals after melting thus the price varies.

Figure 1: Scrap supplier must require separate bins for all ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.

Photo Source: From Lucky Group archives.


The most important step in scrap management process is to keep proper tracking of scrap metals and its generation. Because most of the workers are not trained and dispose all scrap without your knowledge. Actually there should be a system where you should closely train your employees that they should be removing scrap from production zone and moving it to scrap zone with proper quality control check. Materials intended for reuse should not be mixed with scrap metals, that’s why a designated team for scrap management processes must be assigned. (See Figure 2.)

Figure 2: A proper scrap management method can generate additional revenue to your business.

Photo Source: From Lucky Group archives.


Is your material in safe hands? It is very important to know where your material goes. Did you select reliable & trust worthy scrap buyers for your scrap disposal? A courtesy visit to the scrap buyers gives you an idea how professionally they handle your scrap metals in most environmentally friendly manner.

A secure facility with computerized calibrated weigh scale protects metals from theft. Lucky Group uses the most advance technology & techniques to guarantee the success of your metals recycling program. We pride ourselves as leading integrated metal recycling facility located in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai – U.A.E. which not only gives you best services but make your life easier in generating maximum profit for your scrap metals.

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