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TOP-5 largest gambling zones in the World

These are the places that everyone aspires to and in which real professionals play!

Fairly representative for the glamour and luxury of gambling remains, based on its history and notoriety, the Las Vegas Strip. However, in the last couple of decades, some world-class resorts, occupying huge areas, have developed centered around famous casinos around the globe. The full list of these behemoths is comprehensive, but we'll only take a swift look at the top 5 venues.

These establishments have managed to change completely the view on gambling, adding an extra layer of delight to the already extraordinary domain of casinos. The gambling business managed to build and gather around it exquisite representatives of the fields of hotels, restaurants, bars and entertainment, creating a complete and luxurious experience for its customers.

#1 WinStar World Casino

The Chickasaw Tribe in Oklahoma wanted to stamp their name in history and managed to do so by creating on their reservation the world's largest casino, measured upon the floor space used to host gambling games. We're talking about 600000 square feet of the casino floor, where the magic happens at over 8400 slot machines and 100 table games. Most reviews are of gamblers that mention they've played the best American roulette here.

The resort has over 1400 rooms in its hotels and a large area with restaurants. It also hosts two golf courses and an outdoor arena where bull riding competitions took place. It's notoriety made it become the official sponsor of the Dallas Cowboys and the first casino to enter in such a commercial agreement with an NFL team.

#2 The Venetian Macao

Talking about outstanding establishments that revolve around gambling activities in the Macau region is sure to make its way into the conversation. Having most of its economy based on revenues coming from betting activities, no wonder that some of the world's largest casino resorts are to be found here.

The Venetian Macao is indeed the largest casino in the world, according to the casino site and other specialists in the field, should we include:

- the 550000 square feet of the casino floor, gathering 3400 slots and 800 table games

- The hotels summing up to 3000 rooms

- The famous Cotai Arena, a 15000 seat arena, host of sporting events, concerts and international shows.

#3 City of Dreams

Right across the road from the Venetian Macao, lies its direct competitor, the resort named City of Dreams. And as its name states, it's an entire city confined in this area. Visitors and guests have at their disposal over 1500 slot machines and over 400 table games to entertain themselves. The 5 towers include 4 hotels with over 1400 rooms, from renowned Hard Rock Hotel to the most recent hotel built, Morpheus.

To say more about this casino, the city is completed by three stories high shopping grounds and 20 large dinners. Entertainment-wise, the complex presents a large video-screens installation where aquatic-themed shows took place, a Bubble Fountain and the Dancing Water Theater, where a renowned acrobatic spectacle takes place.

#4 Foxwoods Resort Casino

Returning on US soil, in Connecticut, this casino was the image of a business deemed too big to fail. The 2008 crisis found it in the middle of an expansionary plan, leaving it in a 2 billion dollars crisis, which was only averted by receiving important federal grants.

The resort presents in the form of two hotel towers, joined together by a shopping mall filled with luxury stores. The casino has more than 5000 slots and 250 table games, including a private poker room of 114 tables, the third largest in the world. Also, more about this casino's unique things to do for fun, there is a high altitude zipline and a go-kart track, available on the grounds.

#5 Casino Ponte 16

Macau also has a large resort in a state and private joint ownership. Located on the shores, in the harbor, it continues the place's rich history of gambling. The resort is the home of over 270000 square feet of gambling space where gamblers can enjoy 300 video terminals and 100 table games. Surrounding this gaming area, visitors are overwhelmed by 400 hotel rooms, spa, gym, conference rooms, restaurants and more.

An interesting aspect that adds to the resort's glamour is that it presents an exhibition of various Michael Jackson's items, including a precious glove, worn during his first performance of the Moonwalk.