Career Horoscopes

Can astrology really help with career planning? There are many mixed views about astrology, its efficacy and reliability. Perhaps to some extent this is understandable because much of astrology is based on predicting the future. This to some is a patents impossibility and yet so much time and effort is devoted into this forecasting part of astrological analysis.

However, many people don’t realise that part of astrological interpretation involves identifying the character, personal qualities and temperament of the individual involved. This is less about forecasting and more about the signature that people born under a given astronomic configuration may have. So, can this kind of knowledge help in daily life? One area where such analysis is proven to be beneficial is in career horoscope study. This is not because such astrology predicts future promotions et cetera but more about what it tells us regarding someone’s character and therefore their suitability for certain professions or jobs.

You may well be asking whether career horoscopes can help, are they reliable are they like tossing a coin are they in fact predictions. Let me ask-are you wondering what kind of job you are best suited to or perhaps whether you should be a manager in the job you occupy? Taking your first step into the working life is perhaps one of the biggest decisions you will make. You may worry about it. It may even make you depressed. Please remember that your happiness and professional satisfaction should always be given a priority and that is why choosing the right area of work is such a vital decision.

All that said, making the right choices can be a huge challenge and any edge you may be able to achieve will be beneficial. This is where career and astrology can help. So future forecasting is contentious and debatable there is an interesting reliability to determining your personality type from astrological analysis.

My name is Lucien Holm and I have devoted a great deal of time to the study and interpretation of astrological and astronomical information with a view to focusing on career advice and guidance. Though originally from Denmark I have more recently lived in London and more recently still in Dublin, Ireland. My interest in your interest in my website is not to predict your career future but to offer you insights that may help you in a career sense. I can offer insights into your personality and your compatibility with certain types of profession or other employment to which you are best suited. Armed with these insights you will be in a better placed to decide which career options to pursue and what your next move might be you are already in work.

So how might this be done? While this is not the place to go into an immense amount of detail but the key thing to get across is that each astrological chronological frame (zodiac period to some) will, in any given year, as certain traits associated with it that gives us the clue into the type of personalities those born in that frame will have. So, putting it simplistically and as an example, those born under the zodiac sign of Taurus the Bull have a tendency to hard graft and an affinity to the land. Now course I am describing it very simply there and full analyses are much more complicated and nuanced. Nonetheless such information, were you to investigate it in detail, may well beneficial.

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