Address:Laboratoire d'Informatique, Signaux et Systèmes de Sophia-Antipolis (I3S), 2000, Route des lucioles, Les Algorithmes - bât. Euclide B, bureau 119.06903, Sophia Antipolis - France.
Tel: +33 (0)4 89 15 43 39

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Since October 2019, I am a full-time CNRS researcher (chargé de recherche) in the MORPHEME research group at the I3S laboratory in Sophia-Antipolis, France.

Before that, I was a Lecteur Hadamard research fellow funded by the FMJH and working at the CMAP, École Polytechnique, a post-doctoral Marie-Skłodowska Curie fellow at the University of Genova and a PhD student at the Cambridge Image Analysis research group.

My research is concerned with the development of analytical models and efficient algorithms for mathematical image processing. It includes:

  • variational models and PDEs for imaging;

  • non-smooth optimisation;

  • biomedical imaging;

  • digital restoration of artworks;

  • cortical-inspired modelling for vision.

Ongoing projects

  • International Emerging Action (IEA) CNRS project VaMOS - Variable-Metric and inexact sparse Optimisation for Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy. PI with S. Rebegoldi (University of Florence).

  • CNRS PRIME: Imag’IN - Analysis of transformation and destruction processes of painted images and relations between images and texts. PI with R. M. Dessì (CEPAM, UCA).

  • UCA JEDI IDEX Arch-AI-story on the connections between art, images and mathematics. PI: I. Théry-Parisot.

  • ANR JCJC RUBIN-VASE: RedUndancy-free neuro-BIological desigN of Visual and Auditory SEnsing. PI: Dario Prandi.


I am the responsible of the thematic group MIVA (Mathematics of Imaging, Vision and Applications) labelled by the Mathematical Italian Union (UMI).

OneWorld IMAGINE webinars

Together with E. Bonnetier (UGA France), R. Chan (CityU, HK), F. Santosa (JHU, US) and C.-B. Schönlieb (University of Cambridge, UK), I am co-organising the SIAG-IS One World IMAGINE virtual webinar series: visit our website for more information. Click here to register for the upcoming seminars.

Upcoming events

  • Speaker at IRIT Signal and Communication seminars, IRIT, Toulouse, April 22 2021 (virtual).

  • Speaker at SIAM LA 2021, May 2021, New Orleans, USA (virtual).

  • Lecturer at Summer School Peyresq, June 2021, Peyresq, France (virtual).

  • Speaker at IFIP TC7, August 30-September 3 2021, Quito, Ecuador (virtual).

  • Speaker at SIMAI 2021, August 30-September 2021, Parma, Italy.

  • Speaker at workshop Optimization Techniques for Inverse Problems, 6-7 September 2021, Modena, Italy (virtual).