Life Support Industries

"Leader in Life Support Educational Courses" since 2005

We provide high quality CPR and first aid courses in the Houston area. Our facility is in affiliation and compliance with the American Heart Association (AHA).

Class Offerings:

  • BLS (CPR)-Renewal
  • BLS (CPR)-Skills Validation
  • ACLS-Skills Validation
  • ACLS- Renewal(One Day Course)
  • PALS- Renewal(One Day Course)
  • PALS- Skills Validation

Additional Information for Students

CPR for Beginners or Renewal

Our minimum number of participants for each BLS class is at least 5-6 people. Because there is no absolute scheduling of participation of at least 6 persons on a predetermined date, we no longer have a fixed BLS/CPR schedule. But we still take calls from people who organize themselves to form a group of at least 5-6 people and agree on certain dates requested.

We also highly recommend for the renewal attendees to take the online renewal class at www.Online, then print for your your certificate and bring it to us so we can schedule you for your BLS skills validation check-off. You can also call us to see if there are already scheduled BLS groups which can accomodate you so you can join them in either initial or renewal classes.

ACLS and PALS Participants

All ACLS and PALS participants must have a current textbook or provider's manual prior to attending the course until completion. That includes both the initial course takers as well as the renewal attendees.

We also sell the ACLS provider manual, PALS provider manual and BLS textbook, if you wish to purchase them from us. Otherwise these books are available online.

PAYMENTS: We only accept cash or check. Sorry, No credit cards. Please make check payable to"Life Support Industries"

CANCELLATION: If you need to cancel for whatever reasons, please notify us within 1-2 business days or much earlier if possible prior to your scheduled class.