Land & Resource Management

Committee Overview

Mike Coulombe,  - Chair

The purpose of the Land & Resource Committee is to manage the routine maintenance and improvements to all common real estate owned by HHL, including Hickory Woods land and trails, private roads, boat lot, canoe rack, office building, parking lot and our common beaches. It is this committee’s responsibility to investigate all requests for permits (tree/building/dock) from HHL shareholders and residents and report findings to the BOD for approval. In addition, the group maintains and tracks undeveloped properties around Hickory Hills.

Areas of Planning/Maintenance

Boat Lot


Trails/Woods - Hickory Woods,   Wildwoods

Office Building

Office forms tree/dock/building/fence

3 Beaches/Garbage bins/Porta Potty

All Islands


Parking Lot/Volleyball and basketball court

Canoe Racks


• Further develop/maintain the trail system on Wildwoods and hook into surrounding trail systems

• Maintain Hickory Hills private roads and Office as required keeping within budget

• Continue to maintain and improve all Beaches and Islands

• Maintain/Upgrade Hickory Woods and Wildwoods signage, trails and bridges as required

Continue tracking undeveloped properties around Hickory Hills

• Automate all forms and requests for LRM


What's in Queue

To better serve our community, LRM has put together a public volunteer list of work items that anyone can help out our volunteer team.  For example,  click on the  Public Volunteer Queue link  It takes you to a spreadsheet.  Pick an item that is not completed, and you can accomplish (taking any required tools into consideration).   When complete,  just click on the  Public Volunteer Item Completed link  to let us and others know its done.  And thank you!


Hickory Woods