About Us

Our Starting Point:

LoyalBlitz began with our first doberman, Tesla, from Shadeko Dobermans. Through her, we have learned much more about dog training and the show ring, and also found more dog sports/activities to enjoy. She inspired us to get more involved in dobermans as a breed. We also have to thank the various trainers and handlers that have helped us in our journey, including Karen Bryant, Kelly Marquis, Michelle Scott, Shawnee Rustad, Caroline Lewis, Tim Corun, Matt Arpano, Mitch Fletcher (K9 Heeling), and the many trainers at Salisbury Kennel Club. We also are thankful to other breeders and breed enthusiasts for sharing their knowledge with us as we have expanded into becoming breeders ourselves.

About Kathy:

Kathy has had dogs most of her adult life, starting with Brittanys (3 in total) from 1999 onwards, a German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) in 2003, and a spaniel mix in 2007. Most of these were from rescues, and Kathy was heavily involved with American Brittany Rescue for several years before life got busy with human children. Kathy dabbled in AKC activities (agility and conformation) but never got seriously into competition. Her first Brittany and her GSP were both registered therapy dogs. After her GSP passed, she and her family decided to try a different breed for the next dog, and ultimately landed on dobermans as a breed that would be able to excel at many different activities. Kathy tried showing Tesla in conformation but found that working with a professional handler was more productive, and decided to focus on working with Tesla on obedience and supporting Kaydin in training and competing with Tesla. Gradually Kathy became more interested in breeding and raising dobermans with goals of producing healthy dogs with the temperament and conformation to compete in performance sports as well as the breed ring, while maintaining protective instincts and being a great family companion.

About Kaydin:

Kaydin is a junior who grew up with two Brittanys, a German Shorthaired Pointer, and a spaniel mix. When the family decided to get a doberman, Kaydin learned more about basic obedience training and tried some junior showmanship with Tesla. Kaydin eventually found that Rally obedience and Agility were more fun, and started training and competing in AKC events as part of the junior program. We then found a 4-H club devoted to dogs, and Kaydin has learned a lot through being in both dog and horse 4-H clubs. Training and competing with our dobermans is a core part of Kaydin's 4-H project. Kaydin also developed our kennel name as part of their 4H project, so that is how LoyalBlitz came to be.

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