Welcome back to school!

Back to school Fine Arts FAQ

Will arts electives be happening?

YES! Students who are enrolled in remote learning at LHS will have arts elective offerings similar to a typical academic year, including visual art, music, theatre, and dance.

What about arts extracurriculars, like dance ensemble?

Dance ensemble and other extracurriculars, like marching band, color guard, drama club, etc. will be offered. To start, these extracurriculars will be virtual. We're working to locate safe meeting spaces to hold in-person meetings and rehearsals.

How will Band work?

Band will be offered as a regular elective class, as normal. Your instructor will work to ensure you make progress learning your instrument through small group and one-on-one instruction. We'll host a pickup time for you to get any materials, supplies, and instruments you need to achieve success in instrumental music.

How will Show Choir work?

Like band, Show Choir will be offered as a regular elective class. Your instructor is working to ensure you have a robust instructional experience that includes singing, dancing, and performance opportunities. This co-curricular course is anticipated to include optional in-person rehearsals after school hours. These meetings will follow all social distancing guidelines to ensure student health and safety.

How will dance work?

Dance will be offered as a regular elective class, as normal. Your instructor will work to ensure you make progress learning dance through video lessons, one-on-one guided instruction, and small group instruction. Concerts will be postponed until it's safe for large groups to gather.

What about piano class?

Piano class is running as a regular elective class. It will begin with theory, but we're hoping to deliver a small roll-up piano to every student enrolled in this course.

I don't have art supplies at home - what do I do?

That's okay! We're working to create supply packets that you can pickup from LHS or your school building to complete your assignments. In the meantime, you'll be given assignments that you can complete with basic materials found in your home.

Will TV Production classes run?

Unfortunately, TV Production classes will not run this academic year. There is no way to operate the TV studio in a safe manner and it's impossible to send home large equipment to student's homes. Other elective classes, like journalism, have been added to the LHS course catalog as a temporary substitute for these classes.

Will FLVS be used?

FLVS will be used for several courses in the fine art department. Your teacher will share that information with you. All K-5 visual art teachers will have access to this Learning Management System.

What's Quaver?

Quaver is a Learning Management System that was purchased by LPS to provide music resources to K-8 teachers and students. If you're enrolled in a K-8 music class, your teacher may choose to utilize this LMS.

How will I be graded in the arts?

Grading will look similar to a typical school year. Your instructor will go over your class syllabus, expectations, and grading rubric during the first days or weeks of school. Of course, if you have questions about grading in the arts, reach out to Jessica Daviso, the Fine Art Department Chair for clarification.

From our 9/11 Ceremony:

The Fine Arts Program in Lowell Public Schools provides learning opportunities where arts skills, critical thinking, and creative problem solving are emphasized. The program encourages creativity and strives to develop each student's artistic voice. Central to this creative work is utilizing one’s risk-taking, curiosity, and collaborative abilities. The Fine Arts Program strives to build student confidence and resiliency to foster creativity while supporting 21st century skills. The curriculum focuses on developing creative sensitivities and technical proficiencies; supporting literacy in a variety of mediums and expressions; and providing multiple opportunities to develop lifelong relationships with the arts. The department supports collaborative, interdisciplinary opportunities and encourages students to communicate and advocate through the fine arts, seeing this as an important life skill that extends into and complements all other disciplines.

Our Fine Arts Department is comprised of more than seventy vibrant teachers who strive to support a comprehensive arts curriculum at every grade level. Together, we value building connections across the curriculum, maintaining a robust school arts program, and strengthening our deep connections in the Lowell community.

On behalf of the entire department, I thank you for your ongoing support of the arts in Lowell, MA.

Jessica Daviso

Academic Department Chair of Fine Arts

Lowell Public Schools