STScI Low Density Universe

The STScI Low Density Universe "supergroup" is a collection of STScI and JHU science research groups and researchers that share an interest in the baryonic Universe at low density, from the circumstellar medium to the interstellar medium to the intergalactic medium. We meet biweekly to discuss science and host visitors.

Member Researchers

Alessandra Aloisi (MINGLE): Interstellar medium and resolved stellar populations in nearby star-forming galaxies

Trisha Ashley (MWH): Gas in early type galaxies, blue compact dwarfs, Fermi Bubbles

Martha Boyer (ISM@ST): Evolved stars, Local galaxies

Christopher Clark (ISM@ST): Dust properties in nearby galaxies

Andrew Fox (MWH): Milky Way, Magellanic Clouds, Fermi Bubbles, High-velocity clouds, CGM

David French (MWH): intergalactic and circumgalactic medium and their connection to galaxies, galaxy rotation curves, and the Milky Way halo

Karoline Gilbert (ISM@ST): Nearby galaxies, M31, galaxy structure

Steve Goldman (ISM@ST): Evolved stars; Mass loss

Karl Gordon (ISM@ST): Dust Grains; Absorption, Scattering, & Emission

Lea Hagen (ISM@ST): Local galaxies, UV extinction and attenuation curves

Svea Hernandez (MINGLE): Chemical enrichment in nearby galaxies, ISM, stellar populations

Bethan James (MINGLE): Star-forming galaxies across cosmic time, abundances

Claire Murray (ISM@ST): Galactic ISM structure; radio observations

Joshua Peek (ISM@ST): Diffuse Universe, Circumgalactic medium

Molly Peeples (FOGGIE): Circumgalactic medium, simulations

Laura Prichard: High-redshift star-forming galaxies, Lyman continuum galaxies, circumgalactic medium, galaxy environments

Marc Rafelski: Circumgalactic and intergalactic medium, galaxy formation and evolution

Julia Roman-Duval (ISM@ST): Dust properties, lifecyle of metals, molecular clouds, star formation

Ravi Sankrit: emission line nebulae, diffuse interstellar medium, circumstellar environment of AGB stars

Erik Tollerud (ISM@ST): Resolved stellar pops, near field cosmology

Jason Tumlinson (MWH, FOGGIE): Circumgalactic medium