Care for Givers

What if joy is not only entangled with pain, or suffering, or sorrow, but is also what emerges from how we care for each other through those things?




...or even a current caregiver in need of effective planning and time management?

The aftershocks of caregiving are really hard! Honestly, caregiving in general is hard. Finding ourselves alone or into a new chapter leads us only to discover we don't remember who we are or how we spent our time before caregiving. Oftentimes there is lack of motivation to move forward and onward. The end of caregiving can sometimes be the beginning of a lot of uneasiness.

One thing is certain; we have time available to us. What does that look like? How do we navigate it? What is important? 

Let's rediscover you while we work on your time! Your time management matters! Click here to optimize your use of your time!!!

Hi, I'm Louisa!

If you are looking for a caregiving companion, I would be honored to join you on your journey. I would love to encourage you as you navigate what caregiving your life means to you!

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