Brilliant Career of Louis Gerard Saliot

Gerard Saliot is a popular figure in tourism and hospitality management industry in Fiji

Fiji is regarded as one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the world now. The country is gifted with beautiful landscapes like hill stations, white sand beaches, tropical forests, and unspoilt water sceneries. There are many rivers, islets, and islands which are perfect for spending holidays in a fantastic manner. But, the country was lacking infrastructures that are required in supporting inflowing tourists in vacation destinations.

However, the country could achieve the tag of popular tourist destination due to man-made sceneries as well. It is due to the continuous and selfless efforts of many real estate firms who made holiday and leisure destinations at different places. Human-made theme parks, resorts, villas, spas, and marinas are available in every holiday spot of the country. Enjoying of adventurous activities is possible due to consistent works of real estate firms in developing infrastructure for the same.

The Natadola Marine Resorts is one such project which has got everything needed for a thrilling and fantastic holiday experience. It became a hotspot for tourists looking for fun, thrilling, adventure and leisure activities in the holiday. The project is perfect for a vacation for the family and couples looking for romantic and private times. The place is also ideal for relaxation while basking in the sun or getting a massage at the spas.

Louis Gerard Saliot is the brainchild of Natadola project in the Natadola Bay. He has worked with his pet company – Euro Asia Management Group, a company founded in 1994 to offer specialised services in the real estate and building of leisure destinations. Actively involved in the designing, he also promoted the project in the international arenas. Infrastructures play a pivotal role in attracting tourists from different regions. Knowing this importance, numerous resorts, villas, apartments, and marinas have been built in the Natadola Bay.

The EuroAsia group is involved in the development of various National Tourism Development Master Plan of Indonesia and Bali. Each project starts with the conceptualisation, designing, and implementation of relevant things for the building of a hotspot. That’s why the core services offered in the development are market study, financial assessment and assumption, legal advice, negotiation with landowners, and other related things. The group helps real estate firms in building and management of tourism projects with luxury facilities.

Another important thing needed in the tourism industry is the restaurant and hotel for hospitality management. It is important to design hotel rooms with beautiful interior designs and luxury amenities for high-end visitors. This is what Hotel Modular Development do, a joint venture of Gerard Saliot in the restaurant and hotel management. Special services are offered in the interior designing of hotel rooms in the restaurants. This company aims to provide world-class designs that are required in the tourism industry.

The roles of Gerard Saliot can’t be described in a single paragraph. In developing the project, the love and passion in the real estate sector are visible. He could achieve such a great height in the tourism development projects due to the usage of scientific and work experience in the real estate sector. It is due to this fact; his work and dedication will be saluted for generations to come in the country of tourism and hospitality industry.