Before We Begin

Treatment will be most effective and you will be more comfortable if you:

  • Eat something within a few hours of your appointment. Don't come hungry - or stuffed.
  • Please be rested if possible. Acupuncture cannot take the place of sleep.
  • Avoid excessive caffeinated beverages before treatment and come well hydrated.
  • Plan to move slowly for several hours after treatment. No high intensity work-outs, meetings, alcohol, extremes of hot or cold that day. Nourish yourself well to respect and support the changes we've initiated. Let it integrate throughout your being and please don't schedule any other treatments that day or maybe even the next. Acupuncture is big medicine. Extract all you can from each treatment. Your brain may not be aware, but your body is.

Hopefully you'll have time to rest, nap, or take a walk after your session. A treatment will continue to progress in its effects for 24 hours afterward.


Please print out and complete the Health History Intake Form below prior to your visit and bring it with you.

Lotusmed Health History Form.pdf