Lotus Medicine 

Acupuncture ~ for musculo-skeletal pain and internal disorders, digestive and hormonal problems, respiratory conditions, headaches, anxiety, depression, addictions, insomnia, infections , more

Four Corners AcuMassage  ~   a customized treatment combining massage with acupuncture, microcurrent, or the Rapid Release, a frequency vibrating medical device that quickly releases fascia and tight muscles.  Your choice and according to your diagnosed needs -  nurturing and very healing.

Gentle  Technology ~ includes non-invasive diagnostics for every condition.  Also non-needle microcurrent for acute and chronic injuries, pain and scar reduction.

Nutrition & Herbal Rx ~   proper nourishment and supplements to effect change and maintain optimal health and energy

    It's exciting to be back in Ketchum... sharing these synergistic modalities that are so dynamic in recovering from injury and pain, surgery and illness.  Let's identify and resolve your health challenges quickly to get back to enjoying what our beautiful valley has to offer! 



" Lisa, I just want to express my deep graditude and joy I feel for the work we have done together.  THANK you for being a channel for healing to flow through you.  You have been a vital part of my recovery on SO many different levels.  Words fail to capture how thankful I feel! "         ~  Barry W.

Lisa Lintner L.Ac, MstOM

Masters Graduate Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine

Diplomate NCCAOM  ~  IDAHO ACU-36 

                        ~   over 30 years experience  ~


128 SADDLE ROAD    #106    KETCHUM  IDAHO          

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