LOTS of Fish!!

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LOTS of Fish at work!

2. Collect Debris 

3. Make Art


In collaboration with Southwest Conservation District & URI

Fish, Water & Litter 

Lots of Fish artists JoAnn Moran & Sarah Schneiderman work with students to make art  with plastic debris . The exhibit brings attention to litter and  how to improve the health of our local rivers & Long Island Sound. 

New Haven, CT | Lead by the Southwest Conservation District in partnership with Urban Resources Initiative and the Sound School, Lots of Fish is making art with floatable debris with NHPS students and local Eco Artists. This project is part of Public Education and Outreach, Trash Monitoring, Assessment, and Litter Study 

Less Plastic, More Fish

Using discarded single-use plastics - New Haven students create artworks that portray plastic pollution in our waters and learn how to reduce it.

Wilbur Cross High School



Watershed Education

Mill River